Snowdrops | Kids Photography Session

There are two little girls that mean world to us. They are our love, muse and source of inspiration. We decided to launch a series of blog posts about these little cuties, their growing friendship and adventures. And how it is like to have a couple of crazy photographers with weird ideas as their moms.
The idea behind this photo session was to picture the special and amazing time of the year, when the nature is waking up after winter and first signs of spring begin to appear. One can feel them, see and even smell them. We wanted to take our little girls away from the hustle and bustle of the big city and to let them see a spring fairy tale - a carpet of new snowdrops. We let them walk and explore and tried really hard not to call them now and then: "Look at me and smile! Give me your smile!" We just watched them through our lenses with so much love.