Not so spooky Halloween party | Event Photography Session

- How about organising a kids Halloween party? - I am scared! - Me too…

This conversation happened in early September, two months before the party. Next day we could not stop discussing our ideas. Oh, there were a lot of different ideas and views. That was the first experience of this kind. Fear of something unknown gave way to excitement and impatience to put the ideas into action.

As photographers we had our own special interest in the forthcoming event: an original themed photo area where our little guests could have mini photo sessions. As a result of some brain storming the idea of a stylish black and white photo area was born. However, we had to make sure that it doesn’t look too spooky to scare our important little guests. It was finally decided to add bright orange accents to breathe life to the setting.

The venue consisted of two rooms: the smaller room was converted into the photo studio and the bigger one was the party room with entertainment and treats. Of course there was a sweet table with a pumpkin shaped cake and delicious cupcakes. Yummy! It was all about the details. The decorations were carefully thought out and most of them were hand made.

Unlike the preparations, the party itself flew by very quickly. But most importantly it was a success, at least according to the feedback we received from the quests!