Snow White&Family | Family Photography Session

Once upon a time there was a family that happily lived in a fairytale…

One day Elina, a creative mother of two, contacted us to book a Snow White themed family photo shoot. She said she ordered fancy dresses for the whole family from abroad. We were impressed by her determination and were excited as we knew we had to do something special.

The session was scheduled for early morning. It was late October, the forecast was insisting on clear sky and sun, however in reality we had a chilly and foggy morning. Instead of rescheduling yet again we braved it out and we are so glad we did. Everything went smoothly and autumn colours did their magic too.

It seemed surreal, when we saw the family, all dressed up in their beautiful outfits. Elina looked exactly like Snow White and her husband was a real prince! Their two kids being a little Snow White and one of the seven dwarfs fit the bill perfectly too.

The photo session took place in a small park just behind their house, this spot turned out to be perfect for this photoshoot. Everyone enjoyed the session and played their roles. Our only worry was that the little Snow White would eat all the apples before the end of the session

We are very happy with the result and excited to share the photos.