Sergey&Irina&Kids | Family Photography Session


When you drive around the UK in May you see endless seas of bright yellow rapeseed fields. So you think there won't be any problem to find a perfect spot for a photoshoot. In reality you can spend hours before you find a field with an easy access from the motorway. On that day, when our adventurous road trip around Kent was over and we finally found that perfect yellow spot, the sun was already going down. And it was kind of reward for the endless drive as this is our favourite time with ideal soft light. We wish every photoshoot was done at this peaceful time of the day. The beautiful family on the photos is our friends. It is always a special honour for us when friends ask for a photo session with us. And we are always pleased when they like our ideas and agree to travel to an unusual destination. We are now sharing our favourites from this May photoshoot that took place somewhere in Kent.